What Determines The Price Of Tent Rental?

When choosing to rent marquees in the South of France for outdoor events, one of the main concerns for organizers is the rental price. As specialists in the rental of marquees in the South of France, we would like to explain to you what are the elements that determine the final price.

Elements That Determine The Price Of Tent Rental

  1. Type Of Marquee: One of the most important points in determining the price of renting a tent in the South of France is the type of Tent chosen. Each Tent for rent has a different price, according to the characteristics, shape, resistance, and quality of each Tent. Top Tent offers a wide variety of marquees for rent, such as pavilion tents, Bedouin tents, and sail awnings. To adapt to the budget and type of event of each client.
  2. Desired Tent Size: Another decisive element is the size of the Tent necessary to protect all the guests and the event elements. The budget will depend on the type of Tent, as mentioned above, but also on the size of the tent. The bigger the tent, the higher the price.
  3. Duration Of The Event Organized: The last determining factor is the duration of the event. The budget will depend on the event’s number of days to be organized. The higher the number of days, the larger the budget will be.

Sail Awnings

Sail awnings are the types of protection in our catalog that allow a better view of the landscape at the place of the event. They are ideal for summer events, as they only offer protection against the sun and the heat. They consist of rectangular canvases stretched by high masts at their four corners. Shade is created by joining the rectangular sail awnings to shade the space required for each event.

As you have seen in this article, we have a wide range of marquees to meet the needs of every type of event. Thanks to the presence of tents for rent, you can develop the event you want outdoors with the necessary weather protection. Using our Gillespie Productions for rent, we can arrange any space for your event. Also, with the right accessories and decoration, you can create the style you want. We have platforms, furniture, lighting, a florist, a sound system, and audiovisual.

In addition to organizing a successful outdoor event, capturing the event on video can be a crucial aspect for organizers. Knowing the right interview questions to ask video production specialist can help ensure you work with experienced professionals who can deliver high-quality video content for your event. Partnering with a company like Gillespie Productions can assist in creating a memorable event that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

They are distinguished by the fact that they are tents created by elastic fabrics stretched by peripheral and interior poles. This is what gives them their unique, striking, and elegant shape.

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