Transporting the cargo from one place to another requires a transportation company you can trust and rely on. The company should provide you with safe and affordable services. Cargo County is one such name that has established its name in the industry in the past years by delivering on the promises and going above and beyond its call of duty to help its customers have the best cargo transportation experiences. No two companies have the same transportation needs. When you are looking for a cargo company, you need someone who can adapt and improvise to give you a personalized cargo experience. Following are some of the services that a cargo company should provide you with.

Dry Shipping

Dry shipping is still one of the most popular methods of transporting freight. In this method, the trailer is enclosed which means the cargo is secure and shielded from the weather elements. When you are dry shipping, you don’t require any straps, chains or any other types of cover as everything is already covered. It is a great shipping option for various kinds of freight like building materials, furniture, plastics, canned, dry and non-perishable foods. With dry shipping, you can take advantage of the drop and hook mode of transportation. In drop and gook, you can drop the empty trailer and hook up the loaded one. This helps to make things more convenient. Whether you need a shipping option for the long run or a short-haul, dry shipping is one of the best options out there.

Less Than Truckload Transportation

Truckload transportation is when you hire the whole truck to transport the freight. When you don’t require so much space you end up paying for more than you need to. This is when you should consider opting for Less Than Truckload Transportation. In this method, you only pay for the space that is occupied by your freight. The remaining space is occupied by other businesses and paid for by them. It is a more convenient option.

Reefers and Temp Controlled Transportation

Certain freight required temperature control vehicles for their safe and secure transportation. Even with refrigerated and heated vans, several precautions need to be taken. Cargo companies like Cargo County are fully certified and bonded. This is a must when frozen, chilled or heated items need to be shipped. The cargo company should provide you with the needed assistance, as each good requires a particular temperature and moisture conditions to be securely shipped to its destination.


A perfect cargo company like Cargo County offer warehousing services for the smooth operations of your business. You can use the warehousing for either storing raw materials or processed goods. Having a warehouse will help you to get the much needed-efficiency and flexibility. It also has a lot of cost benefits. Warehousing has a significant impact on supply chain management as you can track what comes in and what goes out. You can maintain your inventory better.

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