The Disintegration from the Global Economy

The Greek debt crisis has pressed the Eu right into a panic. A holiday in greece may be a lost cause. Portugal and Ireland are close behind A holiday in greece in defaulting on their own debt, and Belgium, Italia and The country might be next. While austerity measures are put on these debt ridden Countries in europe, the people is protesting to help keep government services that provide them a good lifestyle. Which fear has hit the united states. Republicans are pushing for balancing the economy no matter who will get hurt due to lost programs. It appears as though the truly amazing Recession has altered the arena for any global economy, there seems to become not a way out. Everybody wants to go back to what we should had before, but could this even happen any longer?

Studying astrological ages 35 years back, it grew to become apparent the world had already altered. The brand new idea in those days was the development of a worldwide economy, a concept that reflected the astrological powers of Aquarius. Aquarius rules global communication and world culture. So, how’s Aquarius affecting us today? We’re, at the moment, in age Pisces. Pisces rules dissolution amongst other things. Each age contains twelve eras. Time 1800 to 1980 were the Aquarius Era of the age. In that time the planet expanded, or reduced, and grew to become globally connected through the other half from the Last Century. Today gave us the commercial Revolution and also the Last Century. The thought of a worldwide economy within an interconnected world grew to become a significant focus for humanity. This concept can also be reflected within the closeness that people feel using the coming Chronilogical age of Aquarius in 2160. This really is all fine, with the exception that time isn’t straight line. We left the Aquarius Era behind in 1980, and aren’t yet in age Aquarius. Time for any real global economy still lies later on.

Each era contains twelve phases, and the earth has experienced a condition of dissolution since 1965, the Pisces Phase from the Aquarius Era, 1965 to 1980. Unemployment and welfare started a high climb within the late 1960’s. Inflation grew to become a significant economic problem, and metropolitan areas rapidly were driven towards the edge of personal bankruptcy. Since 1980 we’ve been within the Pisces Era of age Pisces. This is a double bath of dissolving powers which have brought to a lot of serious trouble for society including growing stress on the economies of countries.

Pisces dissolution and also the polarity energy of Virgo disintegration and extinction have brought to toxic industrial and nuclear pollution, climatic change and global warming, elevated volcanic and earthquake activity, massive flooding and big firestorms, along with a surge in species extinctions. Terrorism, depression and suicides have elevated dramatically. Situations are now failing in Pisces/Virgo fashion. The additional costs of those trends happen to be huge, and also have seriously strained economies all over the world.

While Aquarius rules world brotherhood and culture, and global communications, this Pisces Era, using its Virgo polarity rules breaking lower into smaller sized parts and dissolving the worldwide lines of interconnection which are essential for a global culture. Virgo Eras happen to be occasions of isolated feudalistic communities closed removed from surrounding communities. Pisces Eras happen to be occasions of social and political breakdown and confusion. Due to the polarity, the 2 powers go hands in hands. Pisces is really a water sign, and Pisces dissolution affects the emotional cohesion of the group, along with the mental capability to consider rationally. Our planet sign Virgo disintegration and extinction improves the inclination to drag from others right into a condition of isolation. Pisces fear intensifies this have to isolate yourself.

This means that the thought of a worldwide economy doesn’t fit the powers of the period of time that people find inside us. The seed was set in the finish from the Aquarius Era, but it’ll require shape until we enter age Aquarius in another 150 years. And history has already been pushing us to think about this possibility. The Taurus Phase from the Pisces Era, 1995 to 2010, was a time period of elevated avarice and also the dissolution from the economy. Taurus rules money and also the economy. The economist Paul Krugman cautioned in those days that people had joined a period of time he calls coming back to depression financial aspects where human fears and avarice override the guidelines of financial aspects. The devastating Asian Flu economic debacle required the planet unexpectedly in 1997. The Truly Amazing Recession destroyed the concept that property is really a safe investment, has brought to the present debt crisis within the EU, and also the economic have to pay lower our financial obligations in america. Once we mind in to the Gemini Phase, 2010 to 2025, the caliber of division is going to be the main thing on just about everything that people do. The worldwide economy will most likely falter, to some extent, and economic and political thinking will polarize. We have seen that polarization in politics already.

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