Social Networking News Releases Described

You’ve surely heard the word “social networking news release” out of all buzz concerning the new, social Web, what will it mean? A social networking news release is like a conventional news release, except that it’s also social networking and Web 2 . 0. enhanced. In a nutshell, this sort of news release encourages interactivity, is definitely shared within the social Web, and possesses many other Web 2 . 0. elements.

Generally, these extra elements include:

* Multimedia products, for example downloadable images, PDF/DOC files, or audio/video clips.

* A means for readers to comment directly in the news release content.

* An apparent and simple method for readers to bookmark this news release in bookmarking sites, in order to share it via email.

* Technorati tags and links to purpose-built pages.

If you and your business produce online or email press announcements regularly, you ought to be utilizing social networking news releases. Like anything else on the web today, there’s an expectation that content is going to be interactive, easily shared, and can offer sources to similar information. In case your news releases don’t meet these expectations, the chance for major attention might be hurt. It’s quite simple to produce your personal releases, or use a service like PRWeb. And, since a social networking news release is simply a traditional release with added elements, you don’t need to modify your present format, just start adding some additional sections. These added elements include:

Multimedia section: Here you’ll offer numerous downloadable products, including PDF or Word documents, for example book excerpts, advanced reviews, white-colored papers, brochures, etc., and pictures, like author photos, company executive photos, book cover art, company logos. Offer any relevant podcasts and videos within this section.

Technorati tag section: Make use of this section to list out links to Technorati pages which are tagged with a summary of good terms highly relevant to your news release.

Social bookmark submitting section: Within this section, provide links to all of your relevant purpose-built pages. You might provide links to relevant pages on Digg or other social bookmark submitting and crowd-sourced news sites.

Discussing and commenting: Additionally towards the sections in the above list, it’s also wise to allow it to be pretty simple for the readers to talk about or bookmark your release in a variety of ways. Allowing people to discuss your news release causes it to be truly interactive.

Social networking section: Without having a newsroom to touch on your potential customers to, you should think about adding a piece for your news release that lists where you’ve got a presence within the social Web. Connect to your profiles in places like MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

Creating your news releases utilizing a blogging service like WordPress makes it simple to include the extra social networking optimizing features. Commenting has already been built-in, and there are a variety of excellent plugins for adding Technorati tags to WordPress posts as well as for social bookmark submitting, among additional features.

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