How your Supply Chain can Benefit from Plastic Pallets

Any business operations should prioritize effective storage, transport, and delivery of products as scheduled. Recently, the majority of businesses have started to switch to plastic pallets over conventional wooden ones. While they come with a higher up-front price, they have a lot of benefits that supply chains can enjoy. Here’s how these pallets can help your supply chain:

They are Worth your Money

Plastic pallets will especially benefit if you are running a closed-loop supply chain because of their cost-effectiveness. When using these pallets many times, you will find that they are far sturdier than wooden pallets. This strength should justify their initial price. The longer the time you can use plastic pallets the more you will be able to recoup your investment and even beyond it. Wooden pallets have a shelf life of three to five years as long as they don’t succumb to rotting beforehand. Meanwhile, plastic pallets can last more than a decade. One of the best things about these pallets is that you can recycle them when their life is over.

They are Safe to Use

Because plastic pallets do not have the splintery and sharp qualities of wooden pallets, they are safe for use. Also, they have not stray nails that could stick out, damaging your goods and compromising the safety of your workers.

Plastic pallets are made from HDPE material which ensures their safety and dependability. By keeping your employees and goods safe, you will be able to maximize your production and supply.

They Do Not Require ISPM-15 Compliance

Wooden pallets are regulated and the ISPM-15 regulations are meant to stipulate the treatment procedures for these containers. Such regulations should be strictly adhered to around the world. Adhering to these regulations could slow down your supply chain process as they involve paperwork, ISPM-15 compliance procedures, and inspections.

Fortunately, plastic pallets aren’t subjected to these regulations. As a result, you will be able to save yourself a lot of hassles and time. After being molded, they will not require any other treatments, inspections, or evaluations. Check for Fibertech’s roto molding product guide here.

But, plastic pallets involved in a hygienic-sensitive supply chain should comply with these regulations. Generally, the use of plastic pallets saves plenty of time in your supply chain and lets you skip the line in terms of ISPM-15 inspections, offering you an advantage over your competitors that might be using wooden pallets.

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