Doubts to be cleared before Hiring Movers and Packers

A number of things have to be looked after when getting ready for a move. Along with lots of planning, comes the question which mover to be hired that can fulfill the requirements of the upcoming move? Taking the right decision can make all the difference between an uneventful and smooth move or you face a fraud that is very common these days.

There are hundreds of movers in Toronto Ontario and selecting one can prove quite stressful and hectic but here are few questions that you can ask the mover before you hire so that you are ensured that you have made the right choice:

  • Send a Person for a Walkthrough to your House: Most of the good movers in Toronto Ontario have their own sales staff to give you an ‘in-home estimate.’ This is good idea as the person will give you the estimate only after having a look at the things to be transported. He also has to see if there are any items that can cause trouble during the move. All these factors will decide the accuracy of the estimate. It will also help in avoiding any last minute dispute between you and the mover. Ask them if they will go to the new residence to see the condition while moving things as there should not be any problem while delivering your things.
  • Clear all Doubts: When you short list a couple of movers near me in Toronto ON, clear all your doubts by asking as many as questions as you want and be sure that the company satisfies all your queries. Try to take all the answers in writing if possible. Sometimes there can be hidden charges other than the ‘in home estimate.’ You can ask them if there are any charges for climbing up the stairs, will they charge the packing of heavy or uneven items, do you have to pay for dissembling and assembling (if required) of furniture etc. beforehand. 
  • Carry Tools and Equipment: It is important to ask the movers in Toronto Ontario if they will carry their own tools or you have to arrange for them. Will the materials and equipment like blankets, dollies, floor runners and shrink wraps be part of the quote? Do they charge extra to carry things from basement, shed, or garage? Can they provide you with the list of potential extra charges? 
  • Ask them about the Truck and other Things: All the professional movers in Toronto Ontario use special trucks for moving, these trucks are equipped either with a moving ramp or a powered lift to load the things easily. If there are stairs at the new place, then they should come with dollies to make lift the things easily. It will save time also.

These are some of the questions that have to be answered by the moving company. It not only will give you peace of mind, you will be able to concentrate on other things as well.

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