A Brand’s Guide To The Best Retail Box Packaging Trends!

It goes without saying that packaging is highly significant for selling a product. No matter what you sell, you need to do it right. Finding a good company for manufacturing retail boxes is the first step for ordering, but what about trends? In this post, we are discussing the hot trends in box packaging that brands need to know about.

  • More focus on minimalism. Gone are times when every retail box had extensive information on the outer surface. Today, it is all about minimalism. Yes, packaging must be in sync with the brand and product, but there’s no need to print a lot or go complex with the design. There’s another advantage too – The less you print, the less you pay for each box!
  • Reusable boxes. Many brands are now offering retail boxes that can be reused by customer. Subscription boxes, for instance, are using reusable packaging as a highlight for selling more. If a box has more than one purpose, that also means it wouldn’t end up in the landfill too soon.
  • Sustainable boxes. As environmental concerns become more apparent, companies are now using minimal plastic and more of recyclable and corrugated retail boxes. This is a simple step in the right direction, and even customers want to be associated with brands that are causing less clutter for the planet.
  • An unboxing experience. This basically means that opening a box becomes an experience in itself for the customer. For example, if you are selling four products in a box, you may use small boxes for each to highlight each of them. This does come for a price for sure, but is worth considering when sales matter more than anything else.

  • Standout shapes. Many companies are also using unique shaped retail boxes for selling a product. This kind of approach just adds curiosity, and if the product is good enough, customer may buy for the sake of packaging alone. It depends on the cost per box, but the idea does make sense for brands that want to sell the same thing with a differently-designed and better box.

If you want to try some of these ideas, find a retail box manufacturer with advanced capabilities. They should be able to handle your custom box design requirements and must deliver on time. You can choose to place a small order first to know their services better, and yes, do ask for client references.

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